Exotic Pet and Small Mammal Insurance

Whether you own a single parrot or rabbit or have a collection of exotic animals, there's every chance you'll want to protect them with a pet cover policy. 
You can now do this, quickly and affordably, with our Exotic Pet cover in association with ExoticDirect.
To find out more simply visit www.exoticdirect.co.uk/healthy
ExoticDirect have over 20 years experience in insuring birds, mammals and reptiles, and in that time they have helped thousands of their clients meet unexpected veterinary bills. 


ExoticDirect offer a range of policies which may include:

    • Veterinary Fee Cover
    • Death by Accident or Illness
    • Proven theft, Fire and Weather Perils

In addition ExoticDirect are able to offer:

  • Public Liability Insurance for Animal Related Businesses
  • Employers Liability Insurance for Animal Related Businesses
  • Dangerous Wild Animal Public Liability Insurance

Exotic Direct

12% Exclusive Discount 


We have been able to secure an exclusive 12% discount on all new Parrot, Large Bird, Tortoise and Reptile Insurance policies.

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This exclusive offer is available until 31st December 2015; subject to the terms & conditions outlined when entering the code online with ExoticDirect.Offer does not include small mammal insurance polices. 

To Find out more, and request a quote for your pet, simply click below:


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Reptile Insurance

Small Mammal/Rabbit

Tortoise Insurance



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Rabbit Insurance


Tortoise Insurance


Our Guarantee

As on all of our products, we offer a full 14 day money back guarantee. If you decide to go ahead and apply for a policy you will have 14 days from receipt of your Certificate of Cover (Policy Details) in which to fully consider the policy terms & conditions. If you decide, for any reason, that you do not wish to continue with the pet cover insurance you may cancel the cover within this period and get a full refund of any monies paid, provided you have not made any claims.
Pet Cover with Healthy Pets - a company who have specialised in UK pet insurance since 1996.     

How do we compare?

Medium Crossbreed

0yr, Male, Neutered, pp £50

Healthy Pets Gold
Max Benefit
Price: £179.64
Sainsburys Premier
Max Benefit
Price: £320.52
Max Benefit
Price: £357.14
Tesco Extra
Max Benefit
Price: £296.64

Healthy Pets Pet Insurance
Only: £179.64
With a Maximum Benefit of £7500.

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