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On this page we provide a list of answers to the common pet insurance plan questions. We are responsive to all new questions regarding plan and insurance cover for your pet. Whether it is cat or dog insurance we can help. If you have a question, please contact us.
What is the maximum Veterinary pay-out?

Our Maximum Benefit policies can pay up to the policy limit (£1,000, £4,250 or £7,500) for each condition, dependent on the cover selected. There is no limit on the number of conditions you can claim for over the policy lifetime. There is also no time limit on claiming for a condition, however cover for a condition will cease once the Maximum Benefit for it has been reached.

Our Accident Only policy can pay up to the policy limit (£1,000) per accident over a 12 month period, subject to you renewing your policy with us and premiums being paid up to date. Cover for an accident will cease once the financial limit has been reached or after 12 months from the date of the first treatment, whichever comes first. There is no limit on the number of accidents you can claim for over the policy lifetime.
Do you cover pets for their lifetime?

Our Maximum Benefit policies will cover your pet for its lifetime up to the maximum amount of benefit for each separate condition (£1000, £4250 or £7500), subject to you renewing your policy with us and premiums being paid up to date.

Am I covered for ongoing conditions?

Bronze, Silver and Gold Maximum Benefit policies will cover you for eligible ongoing conditions that start after the inception of your policy, up to the maximum benefit of your chosen level (£1,000, £4,250 or £7,500) and subject to you renewing your policy with us and premiums being paid up to date. Please see our Pet Policy Benefits for more details.

Accident Only Cover provides £1,000 per accident for treatment costs for up to 12 months from the date of the first treatment after your pet is hurt in an accident, subject to you renewing your policy with us and premiums being paid up to date.

Do you cover third party liability?

Third party liability cover comes as standard for dogs on all our levels of cover.  Cover for this section is up to £1 million with an excess of £250.
Explain exclusions to me.

We cannot cover any conditions which your pet has had symptoms of or received treatment, medication or advice for at any time prior to the policy coming into force or twelve months prior to inception of your pet insurance and will exclude them at the start of the policy. This will not affect your premium and there is no small print catch with Healthy Pets. See the Policy Summary for more details.
What happens in old age?

Healthy Pets plan for the future. We will cover your pet for veterinary fees for its lifetime providing you renew your policy each year!
Is alternative medicine covered?

There are times when alternative remedies may be viable options. Healthy Pets covers this within our veterinary treatment benefit when recommended by your vet.
How approachable is Healthy Pets?

A company who make communication simple is likely to make claiming easy too. Healthy Pets is run by animal lovers. You can telephone, e-mail or even request a claim form via our web site.
Can you pay my vet direct?

We can either pay the policyholder or your vet direct, providing your vet is agreeable to this. Claims are usually assessed within ten days of receipt of a completed claim form.
What excess do I have to pay?
All pets under the age of five will pay a fixed excess of £99.
All pets aged between five and six will pay a fixed excess of £99 + a 15% co-insurance fee. 
All pets aged six or over will pay a fixed £100 excess + a 20% co-insurance fee.
Co-insurance is commonly used across the pet insurance industry as a way to reduce premiums for aging pets. It is a contribution paid by the policyholder towards the amount claimed that is in addition to the fixed excess.
For all claims, the excess you pay is for each injury or illness in each policy year. If your pet receives treatment for the same injury or illness in separate policy years, we will deduct the fixed excess from the first claim(s) for each in each policy year. 

Does my pet need to be microchipped?

Microchipping is a great way of ensuring you and your pet are reunited should you become separated. Dogs over 8 weeks old must be microchipped as per UK law (applicable from April 2016) and owner details should be kept up to date.  Further details of how and when to microchip your pet are available at your vets.
Are there any breeds you cannot insure?
We will not offer insurance on any of the following breeds or any pet crossed with one of the below :
American BandoggeFila Brasileiro
American Bulldog
Japanese Tosa
American Pit Bull TerrierKorean Jindo
American Staffordshire Bull TerrierLaika
Argentinean MastiffLybian Desert Dog
Bandogge MastiffOld Tyme Bulldog
BoerboelPit Bull Mastiff
Bully KuttaPit Bull Terrier
Cane CorsosSarloos Wolfhound
Cao FilaTamaskan
Czechoslovakian WolfdogTosa Inus
Dogo ArgentinoVictorian Bulldog
Dogue BrasileiroWolf Hybrid
Please bear in mind that this list is not definitive and if you do have any queries in regards to a particular breed; do not hesitate to contact us direct and we will be happy to help.

When will you not offer insurance?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer insurance for any pets that have been used in connection with commercial guard, security work or racing. Similarly, if your pet has shown aggressive tendencies, or if your pet has any pending third party prosecutions we would be unable to insure them.

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